The first LIFE EcoTimberCell Webinar will take place on 5 May

The first webinar organised in the framework of the LIFE EcoTimberCell project will take place on 5th May. This is the first of a series of sessions that, with the help of the technical team and the collaboration of experts, will give an overview of the Galician forestry sector, of wood and its contribution to climate change mitigation and of the work being carried out within the framework of the project.

LIFE EcoTimberCell visits sawmills to disseminate the Structural Timber Sourcing and Characterisation Guide

The "Guide to the supply and characterisation of structural timber" is a publication that provides knowledge and tools to the forestry and timber construction sector to develop the characterisation of structural timber. Due to its easy reading and abundant graphic material, it can become a very useful reference document for the Galician timber industries and their specialisation.

Colaboration with the IES Politécnico de Lugo

The ETC+ cell has been developed in the framework of Action C3 of LIFE EcoTimberCell project. This is conceived as an EcoTimberCell in which the connection between the board and the wood is made by means of a woodworking fitting, avoiding the use of structural adhesives.

Help us to assess the perception of EcoTimberCell systems and the social impact of the project on climate change mitigation. Take part in our survey

In LIFE EcoTimberCell we are currently working on the different business and marketing lines of the structural systems developed in the project. In order to do this, we consider it essential to know the perception of EcoTimberCell systems, as well as the possible social impact that projects such as this one can generate in mitigating climate change.

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