Help us to value the multiple benefits of forest systems. Take part in our survey

In Life EcoTimberCell, our aim is to reduce energy consumption in construction through the development of local wood construction products from sustainable forest management. In this way, a change in the conventional construction model with a high CO2 footprint is promoted, while at the same time encouraging better use of the land.

Help us to value the multiple benefits of forest systems. Take part in our survey

At LIFE EcoTimberCell we work to promote the valuable Ecosystem Services provided by forests, through the promotion of sustainable forest management, guaranteed by the two main forest certification seals used in Spain: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the endorsement of forest certification schemes (PEFC).

Ecosystem Services can be defined as all those benefits that society obtains from ecosystems; a concept increasingly applied to environmental conservation, human welfare and the involvement of human interventions in the natural environment. Some of the most relevant ecosystem services provided by forests are their role as climate regulators, pests and diseases, carbon sink, nutrient cycling, and the provision of wood and biodiversity conservation, as well as recreational, cultural and spiritual benefits.

We want to put in value the benefits provided by productive forest systems. Therefore, we are evaluating the Ecosystem Services they provide us. With this objective, we have designed a survey. Knowing the perception that the actors involved have about these services is key to enriching the final result of this evaluation.

If you are a forest owner, you work in the public administration, forestry sector, architecture studios, research technology centres, construction sector or real estate agencies, or you are thinking of acquiring a sustainable home, and you want to collaborate in improving the results obtained, click on the following link (

Help us to value the multiple benefits of forest systems. Take part in our survey

The LIFE EcoTimberCell team thanks you very much for your collaboration, your vision is very important to us and completing this survey will only take a few minutes.

The results obtained will be integrated into the Ecosystem Services Evaluation, which we will publish as part of the project's conclusions on the LIFE EcoTimberCell website.

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