ITeC presents the EcoTimberCell Systems Assessment Plan

In reference to the LIFE EcoTimberCell project and related to the certification and validation of the EcoTimberCell structural systems that arise from this project, ITeC has recently drafted and delivered the EcoTimberCell Systems Assessment Plan.

The objectives of this Plan are:

  • compilation of the initial information of definition and intended uses of EcoTimberCell systems,
  • design the assessment to be performed, which involves the identification of the basic works requirements, of the essential characteristics and verification methods applicable to the systems,
  • identify the AVCP system -Assessment and Verification of the Constancy of Performance-, and the tasks of the manufacturer and the notified body in the AVCP procedure required for the CE marking of EcoTimberCell systems.
ITeC presents the EcoTimberCell Systems Assessment Plan

The Plan is the document that should guide the system assessment process. It contains all the information necessary for the assessment, which includes the performance of tests, calculations, identification of tabulated values, etc., as well as the criteria for the treatment of results.

EcoTimberCell structural systems are made up of two products: the ETC cell and the ETC Box system. High-density wood fibre boards and solid wood from local forests one hundred percent ecological and sustainable, are used for its construction.

The next steps will be the analysis of the results of the tests and calculations, draw up the drafts ETA -European Technical Assessment- of the products and their circulation among the members of the EOTA -European Organization for Technical Assessment- prior to issuance, and which must culminate in the tasks of CE marking of both products.

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