Introducing the identity of LIFE EcoTimberCell

Here you have the identity LIFE EcoTimberCell

For the LIFE EcoTimberCell isotype, a section or slice of an ECO cellular structural system has been used, whose shape (rectangular prism sectioned in its centre or hollow) serves as a relational starting point for the construction of the isotype.

The projection and rotation of the prism at 180º, or the superposition of the same until drawing a circumference, results in a cell or synthesis between the empty module and the internal cellular structure of a tree. In its graphic proposal, EcoTimberCell highlights the following aspect: a sustainable architecture, with low emissions, in symbiosis with the organic / natural.

Introducing the identity of LIFE EcoTimberCell

LIFE EcoTimberCell is a project that aims to develop structural products, with negative CO2 footprint from local woods. Taking into account the above mentioned, the graphic identity highlights the importance of the architectural field and makes reference to it through projections of plans of the sectioned wood cell (plan view), which unfold in different ways in the space (support).

Sky blue is the colour of reflection and research, it is a colour for thinking (in the Heideggerian way). It is a blue for building, inhabiting and thinking. Blue is therefore understood as the color for a building oriented to a responsible living, to the care of space and nature. It denotes an overcoming of the ecological: a building for a dwelling and a thinking, committed to the care of the planet.

This is the alternative version of our identity that can also be seen in black and white.

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