The LIFE EcoTimberCell project in Galicia esRadio

Natalia Hermida, product manager of Cándido Hermida talked about the LIFE EcoTimberCell project in Galicia esRadio.

The radio station dedicates this week to wood. For this reason, Natalia Hermida participated in a talk show of the programme Es la tarde en Galicia, in which she presented the Spin-off TimberSoul and the EcoTimbercell project.

The LIFE EcoTimberCell project in Galicia esRadio

During the interview she highlighted the singularities of the EcoTimberCell structural systems, indicating that they are lightened structural products that seek maximum structural efficiency using the least possible amount of wood.

We are committed to modular timber construction, was one of the key phrases of his speech. TimberSoul by Cándido Hermida will soon be set up, which will be a technical office involved in the entire construction process with wooden structures and EcoTimberCell systems.

The LIFE EcoTimberCell project in Galicia esRadio

Another of the aspects to which he gave importance was that modular construction for single-family homes will be favoured by the lightening that the use of these materials entails. These systems allow thermal and acoustic insulation to be placed inside, which reduces the overall thickness of the building envelope and, of course, reduces construction waste.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it in the following link:

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