Business and marketing strategy

TimberSoul is defined as a technological innovation company that values local wood, offering an integral advice and marketing service of ecological cellular structural systems, whose objective will be to connect construction professionals with forestry industry experts in wood construction.

In this way, sustainable buildings can be obtained that help mitigate climate change.

With the aim of incorporating the ETC products into the market, a business and marketing strategy is developed within the Project LIFE EcoTimberCell, that includes the creation of a technology-based company (USC Spin-off).

In this sense, in the first steps of C8 action execution (Business and Commercialization Strategy), TimberSoul's conformation is being carried out, a technology-based company that has designed its business model based on the commercialization of ETC products.

TimberSoul Objectives

The main focuses of TimberSoul are framed according to:

  • Positioning ETC products as synonymous with quality and innovation
  • Sensitize and promote the use of wood as an ecological construction alternative
  • Provide tools that make it easier for professionals to use ETC products without the need for specialized knowledge
  • Facilitate the transfer of innovation in the wood construction sector


The TimberSoul team is constituted in such a way that each of the participants complements each other in a multidisciplinary way to ensure a good development of the Spin-off. Within it, there is the figure of the main manager of the activities of the company that will be the promoter team, which will have the support of the advisory and research team of the LIFE EcoTimberCell project and that in specific cases will be able to count on the team of strategic collaborators.

Promoter team

  • Begoña Jiménez Urquía
  • Daniela Lourenço Dos Santos
  • Andreina Vargas Carrión

The Project Advisory and Research Team:

  • Manuel Guaita Fernández. Professor of the University of Santiago de Compostela. PEMADE’s Director
  • María Portela Barral. Forestry Engineer. PEMADE’s Laboratory Quality Director.
  • José Antonio Lorenzana. Architect. Responsible for the management and drafting of PEMADE projects
  • Belén Feijóo. Architect. Responsible for the management and drafting of PEMADE projects


TimberSoul's business model, based on ETC, has been awarded by the program Explorer para Jóvenes con ideas 2019, which is coordinated and directed by the Centro Internacional Santander Emprendimiento (CISE) and promoted by Banco Santander and the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Obtaining this way, the recognition to participate in the Disruptive Technology Explorer Award, as well as to have resulted Local winners in the Explorer USC Lugo Space in June 2019

After having entered to the XVII Innovative Ideas Contest of the 2nd Innovation Fair (USC), TimberSoul won one of the awards in November 2019.

It has also been awarded for being Winner of the Accésit award of the IdeaLugo initiative promoted by ABANCA, Universidade Santiago de Compostela and El progreso in December 2019.

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