LIFE EcoTimberCell meets RESAI to explain them the project

Last January, the LIFE EcoTimberCell team visited the company RESAI, which has offices in Lugo and Valencia, and covers from the construction of buildings and industrial warehouses, to the renovation and rehabilitation of houses, hotels or rural houses.

LIFE EcoTimberCell meets RESAI to explain them the project

A detailed explanation was given of the LIFE EcoTimberCell project and the structural systems that are being developed, emphasising the importance of the use of wood in construction with a view to sustainable construction and climate change mitigation. The meeting also highlighted the importance of using certified local wood to guarantee the sustainability of the product while at the same time giving value to the forestry sector, encouraging sustainable forest management.

The company showed great interest in the project and in the possibilities that EcoTimberCell has, both in new buildings and in its use in refurbishment, as well as in participating in future conferences organised within the framework of the project.

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