LIFE EcoTimberCell project participation in the CLIMATE NEUTRAL FOOD AND WOOD webinar

Next October, the LIFE EcoTimberCell project has the honor of participating as a speaker in the Webinar "Climate neutral food and wood", organized by the Directorate General for Climate Action of the European Commission (DG CLIMA) and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (EASME), which will bring together for the occasion successful LIFE and Horizon 2020 projects in the areas of agriculture, food, forestry and bioeconomy. The four sectors receive financial support for research from both European programs and contribute to the fight against climate change and ensure the proper functioning of the food and wood value chains.

LIFE EcoTimberCell publishes the Guide to the supply and characterization of structural wood

Considering the high variability of the characteristics and singularities of the wood, there is the necessity to carry out a process of classification that allows its characterization like structural wood. The recently published “Guía de suministro y caracterización de madera estructural” details this process based on the application of current regulations for the calculation of characteristic values and the assignment of qualities and class resistance to wood.

Local wood characterization in LIFE EcoTimberCell project

Wood has variability in its properties, not only depending on the species, as well for the local environment conditions and the silviculture techniques applied. It is therefore essential to know the particular properties of local wood from sustainable forest management, which will be used in the manufacture of EcoTimberCell structural systems.

One of the fundamental factors in condensation estimates for building envelopes is the water vapour permeability of a material

In order to know this value in the case of TABLEX board used in LIFE EcoTimberCell project, the indications of the UNE-EN ISO 12572 standard "Hygrothermal performance of products and materials for buildings" are followed. Determination of water vapour transmission properties".  This parameter and many others related to the physical and mechanical properties of TABLEX can be consulted in HB Board Catalogue.

LIFE EcoTimberCell on Radio Voz

Rosa Arcas, Innovation Director of Betanzos HB, has been on Radio Voz, in the program Voces de Galicia with Eva Villar, to talk about the LIFE EcoTimberCell project and the proposal of ecological construction with wood that it proposes.

LIFE Repolyuse and synergies with LIFE EcoTimberCell

Today we present the project LIFE Repolyuse-REcovery of POLYurethane for reUSE in eco-efficient materials, a climate change mitigation project like LIFE EcoTimberCell focused on solving the environmental challenge of scarcity of resources and waste management in order to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Can an environmentally friendly fibreboard be part of a structural building system?

The board used in LIFE EcoTimberCell project, TABLEX, is a 100% biodegradable product that uses wood lignin as a natural adhesive. This board is applied in EcoTimberCell structural systems with improved mechanical, moisture and fire resistance qualities. To learn more about the properties of this board and its application possibilities in structural systems, please consult the HB Board Catalogue

LIFE EcoTimberCell publishes the catalogue and technical sheets on the board that will integrate the EcoTimberCell ecological architectural modular systems

Among the actions of LIFE EcotimberCell project have recently concluded the work of study and improvement of the hardboard made of wood waste fibers (TABLEX), an integral and fundamental element in the construction systems developed in the project, which stands out as a 100% biodegradable product in which the wood lignin itself works as a natural adhesive for the wood fibers union, avoiding the artificial binders use typical in other wood boards. 

Bulletin 2 LIFE EcoTimberCell available

We have published our second bulletin of the LIFE EcoTimberCell project in Spanish, English, Galician and Catalan language. It is available for download in the resources section of our website.

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